Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Modular Manatee Paper Pieced Pattern!

New Manatee Pattern in the Shop!

Hey all! My newest pattern is now live in my Craftsy account. Since it's summer I've been missing Florida (and air conditioning). On hot summer days I always wish I was in the springs with the manatees. They are so sweet and gentle, I hope you enjoying adding these manatees to your pattern collection! Make sure to share your manatees using the #modularmanatee

Here is a finished manatee mini quilt!

Modular Manatee

This pattern is the next in my set of modular quilting patterns. These patterns give you options! There are three different variations to choose from all in this one pattern. Pick from any of the three pictures you see below. All are 12.5 x 12.5in unfinished blocks.

Option 1 - Manatee & Fellow Fish

Options 2 - Manatee Mama & Baby!
Option 3 - Manatee & Tons of Fish Friends!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lawn Flamingo & Polaroid Paper Piecing Patterns!

Polaroid Party and Flamingo Fun Patterns

Hey all, I know it's been a long time. I wanted to update you here as well as my Instagram with the good news, I started designing paper piecing quilt patterns! 

I have two new paper piecing patterns complete and up for sale now (and another on the way). It's been so much fun to create them and I really hope you enjoy them. Check out my Craftsy page for all the details. Email or message me if you have any questions!

Polaroid Party - Polaroid Picture Pattern

Show off your favorite fabric with this fun and easy Polaroid paper pieced block. With four different Polaroid pictures (each measuring 5in by 6in finished) you have tons of options! Piece them together or use them individually. This pattern is perfect for fussy cutting! Check out the pictures below for a sneak peak of the finished paper pieced Polaroids!

Check out my finished Polaroid Party Block!
Here is a finished Polaroid block - I love how fun it is to fussy cut with these!

Here is the paper pieced pattern layout for the Polariod Party block
Polaroid picture pattern - just don't shake it....

Flamingo Fun! - Lawn Flamingo Pattern

Make your own lawn flamingo blocks! The pattern includes the paper piecing patterns for both lawn flamingos and two different options for your feathered friend's face. Check out the pictures below and make sure to cruise the #lawnflamingoblock on Instagram for some fabric and color inspiration! You get two finished 6in by 12in paper pieced lawn flamingo blocks or put them together to form one cute 12in by 12in block!

Paper Pieced Lawn Flamingo in all it's glory!
Here is the finished paper pieced lawn flamingo in all her glory!

Here are both paper pieced flamingo blocks together
Double up the flamingo pattern for this fun effect!

Finished flamingo quilt block
Finished Lawn Flamingo Block - See the simplified eye variation?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Swap Goodies!

Look at all these wonderful swap gifts! This was a blast to host, I hope everyone had a great time crafting and swapping. 
Check back soon for future swaps!

Awesome ceramic mug and candle by Emily.

Sweet apron made by Sam.

Cool wallet .....

and magnets by Nadine.

Festive salt dough ornaments by Abbie.

Neat grocery bag by Jodie.

Beautiful frame and relaxing dream pillow by Kim.

Cute spool earrings, bow, onesie by Lizette.

Adorable set of felt owl coasters by Jennifer.

Nice set of slippers, scarf and wreath ornament by Kathy.

Vivid purple reversible tote bag and wallet by Nicole (me).

Great sparkly purple earrings by Allison.

Fragrant mason jar candle by Danielle.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Danger Swap In Progress!

Swap names went out last night! If you're participating and didn't get an email let me know.  


It's gonna be great!

This swap has 15 people across seven states creating personalized gifts for each other. Check in here for more progress or if you missed out and want to participate in the future. Don't forget to keep up with Emily at The Morose Bee blog too.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Donation Quilts: How To Avoid Winter Boredom

It is currently 27 degrees outside. As a former Floridian, I am horrified. But, after three years living in Portland, I guess I'm getting used it. The last few winters I've learned to get creative with my time. Now I crank the heater, throw on my slippers and look for a fun project that will blend well with binge watching Netflix and drinking cider.

February, 2014. My car is not used to snow.

The tradition kicked into high gear last February when we got three solid days of snow. Which means that Portland SHUTS DOWN.

Boy were my lawn flamingos chilly!
My husband waited out the storm with his buddies in Sisters, OR. I hardly heard from him he was having so much fun! So I was stuck with Pepper Cat and my sewing machine. 

To avoid cabin fever I decided to finish a donation quilt I had started a while back. I had a blast piecing it! The quilt was for Project Linus, a charity that distributes handmade blankets to kids in hospitals, shelters, and social service agencies. They have chapters all over the US.

My version of half square triangles.
To piece the top I cut a bunch of half-square triangles in green, blue, elephants and rhinos. I didn't really have a game plan, I just placed the pieces on the floor until I liked the pattern. 

This was my life B.D.W. or before design wall.
The top went together pretty well, though I found out later that I am doing half square triangles all wrong! I found a couple sources, but Amy at Diary of a Quilter has my favorite tutorial.


 Her blog is generally awesome and you should check it out!

Finished blocks.
Once I pieced all the blocks I twisted and turned them until the pattern looked OK, and then sewed all the blocks together. It was crib sized, maybe a bit bigger, at about 50" by 60". Project Linus is pretty flexible on size, which is nice.

Behold, the finished top.
Once the top was done I made a couple huge rookie mistakes. 

Mistake number 1: I pinned the top, batting, and back with straight pins. NEVER AGAIN. It was so dumb. I probably stuck myself a hundred times trying to quilt this baby.

Mistake number 2: I quilted the top with dark purple thread. This mistake I've unfortunately repeated. With my beginners sewing skills, the purple thread made every slip up and wavy stitch super obvious. 

I tried my very best to stitch in the ditch (or sew on top of the seams), but I was pretty sad about the results. After some quality time with my seam ripper and a couple hundred safety pins, I was back on track. Again, Amy has a great quilting 101 post. I wish I had seen it earlier!

Finished quilt, see how that thread screams, "HERE I AM!!!"

Pepper Cat is helping hide some of the imperfections.
This was my first finished quilt. It was really nice to think that this labor of love will warm a kiddo in need! 

If you want to get in the giving spirit this holiday season, check out these charities that accept handmade donations:


Project Linus: They take blankets and afghans that have been sewn, crocheted, or knitted. They just have to be washable and smoke/pet hair free. See your local chapter's website for more instructions.

Cards For Hospitalized Kids: Brighten a sick kid's day by hosting a card making party!

Quilts Of Valor: Make a quilt to honor a veteran! They take individual quilts or you can join a group. You can even volunteer your long-arm services. 

Quilts For Kids: This charity is a great place to start if you want to make a quilt but don't have the supplies kicking around. You sign up for a free quilt kit and they send you all the fabric you need to piece the top.

The Million Pillowcase Challenge: This is a fun and easy way to support a local charity. Find a store near you that is participating, download a simple pillowcase pattern, and shoot them an email so they can update the counter. You get to pick the charity that receives the pillowcase. Right now over 500,000 cases have been made and donated!

Snuggles Project: Knit, sew, or crochet blankets and toys for animals at participating shelters worldwide! The website lists free patterns to make something fun or snuggly for a dog or cat in need.

Please share any other great charities you support in the comments!

Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 Stocking Stuffer Swap!

To kick things off, I wanted to share something I've been thinking about hosting for a while, a craft swap! 

What's a craft swap?

It's like a crafty secret santa! To start you'll just fill out a simple survey (your name, email, favorite color, etc.). Next we'll secretly pair up the participants and you'll get an email with a your buddy's information. Then, you make a small present for your swap partner and ship it out before the deadline.  In return you get an awesome hand made gift just for you! 

Interested? Great! 

Emily and I are hosting a Stocking Stuffer Swap right now! Just sign up here (sign ups are now closed) or click the swap icon above. Sign ups end Friday, November 28th (Black Friday) and the swap begins Monday, December 1st. We ask that all gifts are in the mail by Thursday, December 18th. That will give you plenty of time to get crafty!

This is Emily (on the right) in her super cute Halloween costume!

It is a really fun way to flex your crafting muscles. I've participated in several when Emily at The Morose Bee hosted them and they really inspired and energized me!

Check out some things I made for my swap partners in the past:

I made this death star for Emily during the Ornament Swap.

Feel free to click the images to see the old swaps on Emily's blog!

I made this necklace for the Artist Swap!

This is going to be great, I hope that you join us!